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Perfectly crafted stories will inspire action
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Industry Leaders aren’t born, they’re made.
— Eric Michael Productions


Services We Offer


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A cause to believe in. Giving your customers Social Currency when communicating your brand to their friends.

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With a signature symbol your customers will recognize you quickly invoking an immediate emotional connection.

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Brand Video

We will craft a commercial that will captivate the essence of why your company exists.

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Influencer Video

A short commercial, cut to perfection for social media, meant to influence those following your cause to take action.

Iconic Photo Shoot

Think Royalty.


Stage to Stand On.

Utilizing industry leading social platforms we will viralize your message to the world.

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An Inner Circle

A highly specialized small team fully focused on bringing your business to new heights.




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Recent Victories



We love this company. Best video we’ve ever seen
So good, pleasure working with you.
This video really captures what we believe. People are super excited about this.
Dude! this is so sick. I will 100% utilize you guys in the future.
You’ve easily like tripled the foot traffic through our doors, Thank you.


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We vow to provide the best in class service. We’re excited you’ve decided to take the first major step in becoming the leader in your industry. We’re honored to help you bring your vision to life.

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